Dr. Ric Delgadillo, DVM, MS

When I was a young boy in Pico Rivera, our Chihuahua broke his leg.

Dr. Clark, a local veterinarian, came out to our house, examined Tinker, and took him back to his hospital. A few days later, Dr. Clark returned, bringing Tinker home with his leg repaired. This experience inspired me and set me on the path I follows to this day.

At 17, I worked as a kennel attendant at a small veterinary hospital. After high school I joined the Army was able to continue on a medical path by becoming a medic with the 82nd Airborne. After leaving the Army, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Whittier College. From there, I transferred to UC Davis receiving a Master’s Degree in Comparative Pathology in 1979 and a Doctoral Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1984.

After graduation, I practiced at several hospitals in So. Cal. before striking out on my own in 1993. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with his original mentor, Dr. Clark on many occasions. In fact, it was this collaboration that sparked my enthusiasm for orthopedic surgery.

My family and I moved to Placerville in 1998. For the first two years I practiced at an emergency hospital and a general practice in Sacramento. However, my desire to serve my home community was strong. In 2000 I purchased what was then a small Veterinary Hospital in Diamond Springs. That small hospital grew and today, through a passion for providing the best care for patients and their families, Crossroads enjoys the reputation as one of El Dorado County’s Best Veterinary Hospitals.

Sharon Delgadillo, Practice Administrator

Although I am a lifelong pet love, veterinary medicine was not my chosen path. My background is in business, architecture and interior design. However, in 1989 I happened to meet, and fall in love with, a young veterinarian named Ric, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our practice is built on the belief that in order to provide the best care to your pets, we must first earn your trust by treating you with compassion, warmth, and respect. When it comes to your pet, rest assured we will provide them with unsurpassed care.

Outside of our practice, we enjoy spending time with our three children, working in our garden, and traveling to Hawaii. Ric says the cats belong to me, but our dog, DaCee, belongs to him; I believe DaCee, however, would tend to disagree!


I knew when I was 5 years old that I wanted to work with animals … and that was over 35 years ago! My Crossroads’ journey began in 2004 and I currently serve as the Assistant Administrator.

I love my books, almost as much as cats and dogs. Besides reading, I enjoy embroidery and crafts. My small zombie garden keeps me busy as I defend it daily against the nibbling deer.

Gracie, my beautiful silver-marbled cat enjoys quiet moments on my lap while I read. Assuming my new white shepherd/lab puppy, Jenko, and Penelope, my cute, brute of a cat aren’t noisily chasing one another all over the house!


I enjoy people AND pets and believe I have the best position in the hospital as I interact with both; welcoming clients and patients as a receptionist since 2015.

My husband, Bob (yes, together we are BobKat!) and I have two grown, married children and we enjoy being grand’paw’rents to their four-legged babies. We have two dogs, a Leonberger named Osa and a very active German Shorthair Pointer mix we call Gryffon. We enjoy outdoor time hiking and running with them.

I receive great pleasure in the excitement of a new puppy or kitten; helping and watching them as they grow up. I’m also grateful for those tender moments, helping to ease the pain when the time comes to say goodbye to a beloved family pet. Our pets bring out the very best in us all!


I have been working with animals for almost 15 years. Growing up I always wanted to work with large cats. My animal career began as a kennel attendant in a Bay Area animal hospital my freshman year of college.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed working as a receptionist, technician, pharmacy technician, and surgery coordinator. I began working at Crossroads in 2015 as a receptionist/technician.

My fur babies are Brewsky, a 13 year old pit bull; Remington, a 2 year old poodle mix, and my two cats: Cowboy and Arrow. Brewsky and Remi love to go camping and hiking with me. Besides keeping the ‘kids’ happy, I try to carve out a little free time each week to throw darts.


I have been in the animal business since I joined the Crossroads’ family in 2013, where I started part-time as a kennel caretaker. Through the years I have taken classes, attended conferences, and learned from the best as I currently assist the team full time as a technician.

My husband of 23 years and I have a full house with three children, one dog, five cats, and six chickens! I love caring for both animals and people and volunteer with Nomatic Shelter, where I help cooking meals and gathering clothing items.

We recently adopted Athena, a Staffordshire/Shepherd mix from Grace’s Foundation in El Dorado Hills. We adore her and believe there’s always room for one more!


I am living my girlhood dream of working in animal medicine at a top notch veterinary hospital. When I was young and other little girls were paying with their Barbies, I liked playing with my stuffed animal family. I reached my goal when I completed my schooling as a technician and joined Crossroads in 2014.

When I’m not enjoying my time caring for critters at the vet, I am busy at home making sure our three cats don’t disturb our eight foot, red-tailed python, Mudra … or perhaps it’s the other way around?

I also enjoy being outdoors hiking the beautiful foothills with my family. Many weekends find me playing music with my husband, daughter, and friends.


Animals have been part of my life since I was a young child. My dad built a backyard playhouse my sister used to have tea parties; I re-purposed it as an ‘animal clinic’ and tried to rescue every stray in the neighborhood!

In 2007 I put my animal obsession to work at Crossroads, earning my Veterinary Assistant Certificate the next year. I enjoy assisting in a variety of roles as I work with our techs, at the front desk, as well as completing office projects.

My pit bull, Jersey, is my little shadow and spends her time staying clear of the three feline musketeers, Jax, Oko, and Roca. Warm weather finds our family camping or setting up the BBQ. I’ve become a long distance runner and enjoy plenty of practice chasing our two young daughters everywhere!


I’ve had the good fortune to work in the veterinary field since 2000 when I began my training at an emergency animal clinic and have been part of the Crossroads’ family since 2005.

I’m a bit of an entrepreneur and have a variety of projects I enjoy being involved with, but my true love is animal care. I currently assist the technicians and help keep the clinic shiny clean and orderly.

My free time is sparse these days as I stay busy with my family and our soon-to-be-four grandchildren. Luckily, we have four dogs ~ one for each!


I have been with the Crossroads’ team as a Veterinary Technician since July, 2017 when I moved back to the Diamond Springs area after living four years in England, where I was involved with the military working dogs at the Royal Air Force base.

When I’m not busy caring for pets at the hospital, I enjoy spending tie with my own wonderful dogs, Taos the Labrador, and Domino, my Dalmatian.

I enjoy horseback riding – especially cross country and jumping events! I also love dog training and have volunteered many years training service dogs for disabled owners, specializing in working with military veterans.


I began my association with Crossroads in 2013 when I completed my internship for the local animal health ROP program. I officially joined the team a year later when I graduated from high school and have since worked my way through classes at Carrington College, celebrating my graduation as a Veterinary Technician in June 2017.

My free time is spent reading, attempting to write, practicing photography, and hanging out with my extensive family. I currently live with my older sister, her sweet dog, Kyah, and my rabbit, Harley, who insists on waking me up daily- at 3:00 a.m.!